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  • Running white, brown, and black dog

    Four Dog Facial Expressions and What They Mean

    If you are a dog owner, you must get to know about the four dog facial expressions and what they mean. So read ahead to know more about dogs and their living.

  • Green military health kit box

    First Aid Kit For Dogs

    Emergencies can occur anytime and the best thing to do is be prepared. Having a first-aid kit ready will help to reduce anxiety if an emergency does happen.

  • Signs of healthy dog

    A healthy dog should display the following signs of health. If your dog appears unwell, has lost its appetite or is unresponsive and lacking energy, consult your veterinarian immediately.

  • Dog Care – FAQ

    Be sure you are going to have the resources to care for the animal and make sure you’ll have the time to love the dog and give the obedience training.

  • Keep an eye out during winter holidays

    With the fall and winter holidays come many new faces, guests and dog sitters. Each time guests enter your home pets are exposed to new levels of stress.


    Wild carnivores have always consumed the raw bones of their prey. Their teeth are adapted for this function, and their short, acidic digestive track quickly dissolves and digests these bones, which are packed with essential nutrients. Our domesticated companions have teeth and digestive systems that are nearly identical to their wild counterparts. While it is…

  • Your Dogs Weight / Overweight Dogs

    Extra pounds place an excess burden on bones and joints and can make arthritis problems worse. Overweight dogs are less able to exercise and play comfortably.

  • Dog Training: Commands and Tricks

    Four basic commands can change an out of control dog into a good pet. Sit, stay, come and no can break most pets of bad habits and lead into teaching tricks.

  • Dogs’ Destructive Behavior

    Boredom or anxiety are often the reasons a dog exhibits destructive behavior. A dog that is frequently occupied with his toys will be too busy to get nervous.

  • Dog Behaviour

    The dog is a pack animal and is therefore sociable and enjoying company. In the wild dogs follow a complex hierarchy within the pack with a pack leader who is a strong and assertive leader. In the absence of a pack the dog views the family with which it lives as its “pack” and it…