Category: Horse

  • Blacksmiths for Horses

    The hooves are just about the most easily affected part of a horse’s body. The hooves can crack, rot, break off, etc. Those are just a few reasons that you should find a suitable blacksmith.

  • Horse Love and Companionship

    Showing your horse love and companionship is the most important part in taking care of your horse. Without your horse feeling love, he/she will not become attatched to you.

  • Trailering Your Horse

    When trailering your horse, it is best if your horse is wearing a blanket and leg wraps to protect your horse’s legs. Some horses also wear head guards.

  • Horse and Pony Identification

    Horse thefts are increasing. Ensuring a horse is identifiable will go a long way to recovering it if stolen and some forms of identification act as a deterant.

  • Horse Care: Grooming Kit

    Grooming Kit is the name given to the collection of brushes and combs that are needed to keep a horse clean and healthy. Each brush serves a different purpose.

  • Riding and Road Safety

    The rider should always remain in control of the horse keeping rein contact. Horses are unpredictable and riding with a loose rein can lead to an accident.

  • Saddlery Safety

    It is important to carry out routine checks of your saddlery and tack, not only for the benefit of your horse’s comfort but also to ensure safe riding.

  • About Horses: Horse Anatomy

    Horses and ponies are measured from the ground to the withers and are measured in hands. Originally horses were measured by the width of a person’s hand.

  • Equine Housing: From Horse Barns to Pasture

    If you are to get the best from your horse, it is vital you provide him with a happy environment. This applies whether he is kept in a horse barn or in a field.

  • All About Horse Care

    Topics covered include Health, which takes a look at routine horse care issues such as grooming. Horses are unpredictable creatures and accidents do happen!