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  • Blacksmiths for Horses

    The hooves are just about the most easily affected part of a horse’s body. The hooves can crack, rot, break off, etc. Those are just a few reasons that you should find a suitable blacksmith.

  • Horse Love and Companionship

    Showing your horse love and companionship is the most important part in taking care of your horse. Without your horse feeling love, he/she will not become attatched to you.

  • Trailering Your Horse

    Trailering your horses to another place can be a dangerous job. Many things can happen to the horse that could injure the horse for life. When trailering your horse, it is best if your horse is wearing a blanket and leg wraps to protect your horse’s legs. Some horses also wear headguards, but most people […]

  • Horse and Pony Identification

    The number of horse thefts each year is ever increasing but many owners feel it won’t happen to them … until it does. Ensuring that a horse is easily identifiable will go a long way to recovering it if stolen and some forms of identification also act as a deterant. Many insurance companies also offer […]

  • Horse Care – Grooming Kit

    Grooming Kit is the name given to the collection of brushes and combs that are needed to keep a horse clean, shining and healthy. Each brush or comb serves a different purpose and the most common items which form a grooming kit are listed below. Dandy Brush A brush with long stiff bristles used for […]

  • Riding and Road Safety

    There may be times when it is necessary to ride on roads and it is important that this is made as safe as possible for the sake of rider, horse and car drivers. Riders should be aware of the Highway Code and avoid main or busy roads if possible. The rider should always remain in […]

  • Saddlery Safety

    It is important to carry out routine checks of your saddlery and tack, not only for the benefit of your horse’s comfort but also to ensure safe riding. If your saddlery or tack fails any of the checks below then have it repaired or replaced before you ride. Checking the SaddleCheck the saddle for any […]

  • About Horses: Horse Anatomy

    Equine Gender The following are the terms used to describe the gender of a horse or pony. Filly – A female horse or pony not yet full grown. Colt – A male horse or pony not yet full grown or gelded (castrated). Mare – A fully grown female horse or pony. Stallion – A fully […]

  • Equine Housing: From Horse Barns to Pasture

    If you are to get the best from your horse, it is vital that you provide him with a happy, comfortable and safe home environment. This applies whether he is kept in a horse barn or in a field. As a general rule, a particularly fine-coated horse, or one that is in hard work, needs […]

  • All About Horse Care

    Although their communication skills are highly developed, horses are unable to speak to us in the same way that human beings do. It is therefore vital that we understand the fundamentals of horse care and the basic requirements for maintaining a happy and healthy horse. Topics covered include Health, which takes a look at routine […]