Collar Choices

When you get a new kitten, you will have to pick an appropriate collar. Choosing a collar may seem straightforward, but it is important to investigate the products and consider various safety factors.

Few Things to Consider

First, consider the style of collar you want. There are several different types of safety collars to choose from. The most popular type is the elasticized material collar that can slip over your cat`s head if necessary. There are also types with breakaway buckles and elastic sections. All of these collars achieve the same goal: they prevent your cat from becoming hung up on objects. Most of these collars release with as little as seven pounds of pressure. This type of collar is highly recommended for the safety of your cat.

Another choice is the harness. There are two main types of harnesses, the figure 8 and the H-style. Both of these harnesses are most popular with people who want to walk their cat outside.

Consider reflective material. If your cat gets outside, a reflective collar may save him from being hit by a car.

Select a collar that is not too heavy. Your cat may find a heavy collar objectionable and will make every effort to rip it off.

Proper fit is very important. A collar that is too large may fall off. A collar that is too tight will be uncomfortable.

If you are going to buy a flea collar, consult your vet. Your vet can tell you what is appropriate for your cat. The wrong type of flea collar can cause health problems for your cat.

Don’t rely on your cat’s collar for identification. If your cat gets lost and slips out of his collar, there will be no sure way to identify him. A microchip placed under your cat’s skin by his veterinarian will increase his chances of being safely returned home.

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