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Black and white tabby cat

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a reason. They provide lasting companionship that will never let you down. The benefits of having a dog are many. One reason is that they make you a healthier individual when you have one. For example, dog ownership increases longevity after a heart attack. Having a dog decreases your blood pressure and reduces your stress levels. They can even help reduce minor health problems. Not to mention, how wonderful it is to be greeted in such a friendly way when you walk in the door!

Whether you have your eye on a spirited Chihuahua or on a loyal Golden Retriever, learn more about what special traits set apart each breed from the other. We also have a professional reviews from Amazon for electric dog fence & pet toys for invisible dog fence product see here. Also check eXtreme Dog Fence for electric dog fence products or Petsafe for brand pet containment products. You can also find great dog fence reviews here.


Do you have an independent nature? Then chances are you may appreciate having an animal that mirrors this trait back to you, and a cat can do just that. A cat doesn’t require your constant attention, but can be quite loving when she or he wants to. Another great thing about cats is that they are very intelligent. Cats are a relatively low-maintenance animal to have as a pet as they clean themselves and require very little grooming.

Your cat just needs a warm place to sleep (like your lap) and a good cuddle, whenever they are ready for it of course. From a long-haired Himalayan to a hairless Sphynx and everything in between, having a cat of your own can be quite Purrrrfect!


If you are looking at stabling your own horse, lucky you. These majestic creatures are the star of movies and romance novels. Horses make great pets for many reasons. One is that they have a very long lifespan, of around 22 years. Although they are very high maintenance, you will enjoy taking care of them. The main advantage of having a horse is that you and your family get to ride them. This offers an experience like no other.


If you are looking for a pet that will bond strongly with you, a bird is a great choice. If they have proper training and socialization, they can be as loving as a cat or a dog. Also very low maintenance, birds are great because they don’t take up a lot of space and they are beautiful to look at. This makes birds a perfect choice for those who live in an apartment with limited space. No pet deposit to pay if you have a bird. Just, food, love and a clean cage and Tweety will be happy!


Perhaps you have a little boy that is fascinated with all things creepy and crawly? Well than a reptile might be the right choice for you. For some people, a cold-blooded reptile is just what they need to bring them joy. They are great because they offer companionship without the demands of having a dog or a cat. Since reptiles don’t have fur, they are a great choice for people who are allergic to pet dander.

If space is an issue in your home, a reptile is perfect as all it needs is a little aquarium. The main appeal of having a snake or a lizard is that they are interesting to observe in their environment. Whether you have your eye on a turtle or a chameleon, a reptile is sure to keep you interested with their exotic appeal.


Fish are known for their tranquil, calming effect that they have on anyone watching them glide peacefully through the water. They come in an infinite variety of beautiful colors, shapes and sizes. In Great Britain, the third most popular pet to have is fish. Some believe this has happened because of people moving to smaller spaces, where it is not practical to have a dog or a cat. A fish can be a great starter pet, to help teach kids the responsibility of caring for a pet. A well-maintained fish aquarium can be a beautiful addition to any room of your home.


Let’s face it. You probably already know if a rodent would be right for you or not. Either the thought of having a mouse or a rat makes your skin crawl, or it makes you warm and fuzzy. You probably don’t feel anything between those two. However, don’t forget the Guinea Pig, which falls into this category. These small, gentle personable creatures might be a great choice for your family. Other popular contenders in the rodent family include hamsters, gerbils and chinchillas.

Photo by Zeke Tucker on Unsplash.

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