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  • Horse Health

    Routine grooming, exercise, hoof care, nutrition and environmental housekeeping are key steps in maintaining the health of your horse. Horses are, by nature, social animals and interaction and company from other horses will ensure their mental well-being.

  • Horses

    When horses first became domesticated, they had two roles. The slower, cold-blooded forest horses were beasts of burden and the faster, warm-blooded plains horses were a means of fast travel.

  • Signs of healthy dog

    A healthy dog should display the following signs of health. If your dog appears unwell, has lost its appetite or is unresponsive and lacking energy, consult your veterinarian immediately.

  • Dog Care – FAQ

    Be sure you are going to have the resources to care for the animal and make sure you’ll have the time to love the dog and give the obedience training.

  • Your Dogs Weight / Overweight Dogs

    Extra pounds place an excess burden on bones and joints and can make arthritis problems worse. Overweight dogs are less able to exercise and play comfortably.

  • Cat Adoption

    Adopt the cat from an authorized center/agency. Get the cat thoroughly examined by an experienced veterinarian before the adoption to ensure the cat is healthy.