Training A Puppy

White and brown short coated puppy on green grass field

How do I teach my puppy its name?

Use your puppy’s name when calling it, praise it when it responds

How do I get my puppy used to wearing a collar and lead?

  • Firstly get your puppy used to wearing a collar by putting it on for short periods of time
  • Start with a light collar, not too tightly buckled
  • Once they are used to wearing the collar add the lead and let your puppy wander around with it, keep him under supervision in case of accidents
  • Pick up the lead and coax him to follow you

How do I teach my puppy basic commands?

  • Keep the lessons short, around 10 minutes a time at regular times Use short words like: Come, Down, Heel, Sit, Stay
  • Show him what you want, clearly saying his name, followed by the command
  • Use a little food treat or a toy to encourage him and a happy tone of voice
  • Praise him when he gets it right but never punish him for not obeying a command, as he will associate the command with punishment
  • Make the lessons fun and he will delight in pleasing you
  • Most areas hold obedience classes

Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash

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