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  • Running white, brown, and black dog

    Four Dog Facial Expressions and What They Mean

    Any dog owner understands that any dog can have a barking fit that is difficult to recover from. It isn’t easy to settle a dog once they’ve been excited. This is especially true if you have a huge dog, which is more difficult to control.

  • Brown horse on green grass hill

    A Guide to Proper Horse Grooming

    Artistic license is allowed in fleshing out your grooming kit, but the above list includes the bare bones essentials. I learned some time ago that good grooming tools are worth the extra cost.

  • Horse Health

    Routine grooming, exercise, hoof care, nutrition and environmental housekeeping are key steps in maintaining the health of your horse. Horses are, by nature, social animals and interaction and company from other horses will ensure their mental well-being.

  • Basic Horse Needs

    A horse should have access to a paddock of around three acres, which should have some natural shelter, good grass cover and adequate drainage.

  • Responsibilities of Horse Ownership

    All horses have certain basic needs irrespective of the husbandry system under which they are kept. As a responsible horse owner you must provide readily accessible food and fresh water to maintain health and vigour.

  • Considerations of Buying a Horse

    Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. It means hard work and dirty chores for a long time, and it also means quite a considerable expense.

  • Horses FAQ

    The expected life span of a horse or pony is approximately twenty to thirty years. Although according to the Guinness Book of Records Old Billy believed to a Cleveland Bay cross eastern horse foaled in 1760 and lived to the incredible age of 62.

  • Horses

    When horses first became domesticated, they had two roles. The slower, cold-blooded forest horses were beasts of burden and the faster, warm-blooded plains horses were a means of fast travel.

  • What is the difference between a horse breed and a horse type?

    A horse breed relies on the existence of a stud book. The stud book records and registers pedigree. However, a breed used to refer to a group(s) of equines living in a particular area.

  • Cleaning Your Horse

    This page is your guide to grooming your horse, from the types of shampoo and conditioner to use on your horse, to the different kind of brushes to use!

Dog standing between wooden fence under dark cloudy sky

Does your dog like to get out of your property?

An electric dog fence is your solution, and you can definitely do it yourself. It is a simple task!