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  • Basic Cat Needs
    Basic Cat Needs

    The only accommodation a cat really needs in the house is a good bed which may be any comfortable chair, box or basket. Igloos or beds can be purchased for your cat but quite often these are ignored, and a spot on your bed or favourite chair is preferred.

  • Considerations of buying a cat
    Considerations of buying a cat

    Before you purchase a cat please ensure that you have thought carefully about the responsibility of cat ownership. Never buy a cat on impulse – cats often live to around twelve years of age but many cats much longer.

  • Cats FAQ

    To prevent unwanted pregnancies. Female and male cats are neutered at around six months of age, but the surgery can be done even sooner to guard against unexpected pregnancies.

  • Proper Cat and Kitten Care

    Cats were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago. Through this process, they have become totally dependent on us to meet their daily needs and to protect them from harm. Because we have socialized them to live with human families, they require regular attention and love in addition to the basics of food, water, shelter, […]

  • Just for Kids: Cat Talk

    Do you ever wish your cat could talk to you? Wouldn`t you like to know what he`s thinking sometimes? Well, your cat “talks” to you all the time. If you pay attention, you may be able to “hear” him. Although he may not actually speak, your cat communicates in several different ways. These are some […]

  • Understanding Your Cat

    Cats are born with a hunting and chasing instinct. But they are not necessarily born hunters that kill for food. Killing and eating prey are generally learned behaviors. Hunger will not automatically teach a cat to kill. A cat can be a skillful mouse killer and yet never eat a single mouse or even desire […]

  • Traveling or Boarding Your Cat

    The very first rule of traveling with your cat is to have an ID tag or other means of identification securely affixed to the kitty. Thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters simply because the owners never dreamed the pet would get loose or become lost while on a trip. There are few […]

  • Collar Choices

    When you get a new kitten, you will have to pick an appropriate collar. Choosing a collar may seem straightforward, but it is important to investigate the products and consider various safety factors. Few Things to Consider First, consider the style of collar you want. There are several different types of safety collars to choose […]

  • Pet Loss

    We love our animals so much, and it`s so hard to let them go. The loss of any beloved pet has a drastic impact on our lives and is equal to or worse than that of losing a human family member. Losing a little one causes extreme anguish and sorrow. This is a natural reaction […]

  • Caring for your cat

    You`re probably thinking, “How hard can it be? Cats can take care of themselves.” But think again. Living with a cat may not involve much work, but it doesn`t mean a total hands-off policy, either. Being a responsible cat owner can be as simple as keeping your cat indoors, providing him with companionship, having her […]