Category: Cat

  • Feeding Your Cat

    Feed your cat like a cat –not like a dog or a human. Cats like variety, and they are nibblers, happy to snack at frequent intervals. They are also finicky, and after carefully sniffing at your latest gourmet offering, they may walk away in complete disdain. On the other hand, cats easily become addicted to […]

  • Illnesses

    Unfortunately, cats cannot tell us where it hurts, so we must rely on ourselves to be aware of our cat`s physical appearance and behavior that may indicate a health problem.There are a lot of health risks to our pets in and around our homes. Simply being aware of these risks dramatically reduces your pet`s chances […]

  • Caring for Your Cat

    Although your cat may act independent and be litter-trained, he still counts on you to provide him with food, water, safe shelter, regular veterinary care, companionship, and more. Take care of these ten essentials, and you’ll be guaranteed to develop a rewarding relationship with your feline companion. Outfit your cat with a collar and ID […]

  • Bonding with Cats

    Although cats generally have different play styles than their canine counterparts, toys are as much a necessity for cats as they are for dogs. Toys help fight boredom and give cats an outlet for their instinctive prey-chasing behaviors.

  • Cat Adoption

    Cats are wonderful companions. They share our joys and sorrows and in return give us unconditional love. Many of us are feel lonely and crave for company. But in the present day world nobody has time for any one. Old people are always looking for someone who can share some time with them. Similarly, childless […]