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  • Dog Bark Collar Training

    Dog Bark Collar Training: Hints and Tips to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

    Excessive barking can be a common behavior problem that can test the patience of a pet owner. Dog bark collar training is one option that some owners consider.

  • Equine Housing: From Horse Barns to Pasture

    If you are to get the best from your horse, it is vital you provide him with a happy environment. This applies whether he is kept in a horse barn or in a field.

  • Dog Training: Commands and Tricks

    Four basic commands can change an out of control dog into a good pet. Sit, stay, come and no can break most pets of bad habits and lead into teaching tricks.

  • White puppy rolling on green grass

    Toilet training your puppy

    Put your puppy outside first thing in the morning, after meals and last thing at night. If you do not have a garden use a litter tray.

  • White and brown short coated puppy on green grass field

    Training A Puppy

    Use your puppy’s name when calling it, praise it when it responds. Firstly get your puppy used to wearing a collar by putting it on for short periods of time.